My Roster is Empty!

sakairostertoolempty“I don’t understand, classes have started, and yet when I go to Sakai and add my Roster, it says there’s no students in the class! How do I see my students in Sakai – can they see the course in Sakai?”

Two Things:

  1. Access to official class registrants is made available to faculty by way of the Faculty Access System (  Most faculty know that FAS provides a means to report mid-term and final course grades to the registrar – from both on and off campus.  It also provides course roster information, – but not directly to Sakai.
  2. Sakai has a Roster tool, which when added will permit you to see a simple listing of those participants you have added to the course – along with their picture – if the student has added one in their Sakai Profile (My Workspace>Profile).

To Add Participants to a Course – Start with FAS

  1. Login to FAS with your flast userid
  2. Go to Available Options>Faculty Menu
  3. Next go to Administrative>Course Roster
  4. Next select the term, then click Go!
  5. In the listing of available courses, select the course and click Go!
  6. The listing will appear with StudentID, Fullname and Email Address
  7. Use the Email Address Column for giving students access to course content in Sakai.

To Add Participants to a Course – Sakai Second

  1. In Sakai, go to the course you want add students to
  2. Go to Site Info
  3. In Site Info, click Add Participants
  4. Next, enter the email addresses of all the students in your course – provided to you via FAS

Do I have to type all these email addresses in?

Not at all – you can copy and paste from FAS to Sakai. The one limitation is that when copying from FAS – you get to much information – student ID number, whole first name and the email address.

To copy and paste several students into the course at once, copy the listing from FAS into Excel.  Highlight from the 1. down to the last student entry:

FAS Course Roster Listing
FAS Course Roster Listing

Next, paste the contents into Excel:


Now do a second copy and paste – this time from Excel to the Add Participants box (in red below) in Sakai (Course>Site Info>Add Participants), only this time copy just the email addresses from Excel. You can just select the email column if you like and copy it.


Click through the last steps of adding participants – assigning roles, notification and Finishing. Now, as long as your course is published (Site Info>Manage Access>Publish Site), students will be able to see the course in Sakai

NOTES: If you get an error message about a participant not being a valid username, it’s possible the student has had their name changed recently, so check directly with the Registrar.


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