Whole Class Communication: You Can Use Email Archive

Ever in a place where you just need to communicate with an entire class and don’t want to do so using Announcements or Messages?
You can use Email Archive.  

With Email Archive each site has an automatically generated site email address, which you can view via the Email Archive tool. Email you send to the site email address is copied to all site participants and owners.

In some cases it’s just convenient to send a quick note to your

Email Archive
Email Archive

whole class about something you missed in class or that you just want to remind them of critical course work that’s coming due.

To Add the Email Archive Tool:

  1. In Sakai, go to the course you want to add the tool to
  2. Go to Site Info
  3. In Site Info, click Edit Tools
  4. Place a checkmark next to Email Archive and click Continue
  5. On the “Add Multiple Tool Instances” page, you’re asked to enter an email address, the portion that will precede @sakai.lampschools.org

    Since I use this function quite often I typically use the same form of address that goes with my course ID.  My course is Educational Technology, and the course ID is CPED2023, which appears as JU_CPED2023 01 Sp13 in Sakai’s tabs.  So I would enter jucped2023, making the Site email address ‘jucped2023@sakai.lampschools.org’

  6. Click Continue and then Finish.

    Once the Site Email address is created you can begin using it right away to contact all members of your site/course from within your email directly – without the need to login to Sakai. Mail messages will go directly to the email addresses of all participants in your site, and will also be visible to all participants in the Email Archive within your site, for later reference or documentation.

NOTES: You can further custom

ize the Email Archive options by clicking on Email Archive on the left, then click Options near the top.  On the new screen you can choose from the following:

  • Accept Messages From: You can choose to allow anyone to send mail to the Email Archive address, or to allow only site participants to send mail.
  • Set the reply to address: You can set the reply-to address for messages sent through the archive so that users automatically reply to the original sender or to the Email Archive address.
  • Site Email Address: You can change the initial part of the email address (i.e., the part before the @ symbol) to an easy-to-remember alias. This has to be something that’s not already being using within the Sakai Consortium we belong to.

You can also re-use the same site address in successive classes by simply removing it from the previous course and then entering it into the new course.


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