How are students added to my course roster in Sakai?



This article includes instructions on how to add students as participants to courses in Sakai.

Faculty instructors are responsible for adding students to their respective courses in Sakai.  After obtaining the official list from FacultyAccess a few days prior to the start of the course, place the student’s full email address into the Official Email Address or Username box of the Add Participants area of Site Info for the course in question; adding one entry per line, with no additional separator punctuation.

Add Students to Sakai Sites
Adding Students to Courses in Sakai

For courses with several students, copy the official list from FacultyAccess into Excel, and then re-copy only the email address column for pasting into the Official Email Address or Username box.  Once entered, be sure to assign participants an appropriate role and status. Do not use the “notify users of site availability via email”. Confirm the entries and roles and click Finish.

If a student has recently married or otherwise had their name changed, check directly with the registrar’s office for their new email address.

The video below also covers this process in further detail: