How do I get around in Sakai?

This short tutorial will give you a brief overview how to get around in Sakai.  Understanding course and site links along with site-specific navigation, My Workspace Preferences and Profile tools.

Once you login to Sakai you’ll be presented with the banner across the top and some navigation links on the left side.  The banner at the top represents courses and/or sites that you are a member of – and in most cases will represent courses you’re enrolled in. The My Workspace site is specific to you – to your login and is the site you’ll come to just after you login to Sakai.

The My Workspace site is your one-stop location for seeing all site Membership, Account information, Profile details and includes a cloud-based storage area of up to 1GB (in Resources), as well as simple Schedule tool and Preferences for controlling how you want courses or sites to appear across the top banner.

The My Workspace site content area also displays the Message Of The Day, a synoptic calendar (which includes date specific content from all the sites/courses you are involved in, as well as a Message Center, which reflects communications and discussion board activity in all the sites you’re a member of. There’s also a Recent Announcements area that includes the Subject and author of any Announcement made in any site or course you are a member of in Sakai.

Getting around is done by way of the top banner course/site navigation.  Site specific navigation always appears on the left.  In My Workspace, you can navigate to Announcements, Membership, Account, Profile, Resources, Preferences and More by simply clicking on the corresponding button. Click Announcements to see a comprehensive list of announcements from all sites and courses for which you’re a member. Click Membership to see all the sites you are a member of – either as a student or as a faculty member.  You may be a member of some sites that are not course-specific, such as a school-level learning community or faculty led research group.  Other tutorials cover what you can do with each of these tools.

What courses in Sakai look like
Sample Sakai Course

Click Account to see your account details, including the type of account you have.  Click Profile to add additional information about yourself that you may want to share and/or add an appropriate image of yourself – which others will be able to see and is used in the Forums of Sakai to indicate authorship.  Resources your place to store your files, with up to 1GB of storage. There’s even directions for how to add multiple files at a time under the Upload-Download Multiple Resources button. Use Preferences to organize how sites appear in the top banner and in the More Sites drawer.  Here you can choose the number of sites to display, as well as if they even appear in the banner or top drawer area.  Hidden sites are simply removed from being seen in the top banner or More Sites drawer. Preferences also allows you to adjust Notifications, Time Zone and Language settings.

Worksite setup also lists sites/courses you are a member of, along with additional information about the site type, creator and creation date, and is mostly reserved for faculty to use.

If you happen to be in a course, and want to get back to the My Workspace area, simply use the link in the top banner called My Workspace. You can additionally use the V arrow just to the right to choose a specific area to jump to within you’re My Workspace.

Preferences Quick Navigation Arrow
Preferences Quick Navigation Arrow

The left-hand navigation within Sakai can be collapsed or expanded for every site by using the blue tab just to the right of the Announcements and Membership button from My Workspace.  In the upper right-hand corner of Sakai you’ll find an icon that allows you to quickly jump to your Sakai profile, Preferences area, Welcome Tutorial.  To log out of Sakai use the Logout button in the top right of the banner area.

Collapse Navigation Button
Collapse Navigation Button