How do I publish a course in Sakai?

Publishing a Course

Publishing a Course:

Publishing a course has gotten easier with the new version of Sakai (2.9.1) – a button up near the location that used to simply indicate a course’s publish state has now been replaced with a ‘Publish Now’ button, adding function to form.  To publish a site, simply click on the Publish Now button.  To return the course to unpublished, go to Site Info>Manage Access> and change the radio button to “Leave as Draft”.  Courses can still be published by going to Site Info>Manage Access if preferred.  You can also use the same area (Manage Access) to publish the course.

Publish Now Button
Publish Now Button

Faculty should publish their courses shortly before the course begins, typically the day instruction begins or at the official start of the term. Just as they are responsible for publishing their courses, faculty are also responsible for unpublishing courses. Be sure to unpublish your course(s) at the end of the term as well.  Doing so removes the course site from student’s view – keeping student’s view of Sakai less cluttered.

What does publishing a course mean?

Publishing a course means granting access to the course for students and TA’s. Sakai provides some nice granularity by allowing you to add participants (students, TA’s and even co-instructors) to the course w/o publishing the course.  Unpublished courses are accessible to anyone listed in the course Site Info area that have instructor status.  Students and TA’s do not have access to courses unless they’re listed in the participant list in Site Info and the site is published.