What is Worksite Setup in Sakai?

Worksite Setup

This short tutorial will give an overview of the Worksite Setup tool in My Workspace.

The Worksite Setup tool is primarily a place for faculty and course designers to initially create courses, but is also helpful to students in locating courses or sites that may not be listed in the Active Sites list in Preferences.  Worksite setup allows you to see all the sites you are an active member of and to sort them by Worksite Title, Type, Creator, Term code, Status and Creation Date.  In most cases the Creator is the primary faculty instructor, but not always. Clicking on the  just to the right of any Worksite Title will allow you to see the short description of the site, if the instructor or site administrator provided one.

Worksite setup listing
Worksite setup listing

A search function at the top right allows you to search your sites based only on the Worksite Title. You can also use the View and Filter by Term drop downs near the top to aid you in finding a specific course or site.

To navigate to a site or course, simply click on it’s Worksite Title from the list or search results.

The New and Edit buttons are administrative in nature and are only fully available to Faculty and Course Designers. The Delete button is only fully available to System Administrators.  Courses/Sites by default cannot be deleted in Sakai.