How do I post official midterm or end-of-term grades?

To post midterm or end-of-term grades you’ll need to have access to both Sakai and  Both sites use the same set of credentials to login. The easiest way is to pull up your course in Sakai, and then open up a corresponding window for your course in in a separate window or tab and arrange the windows so you can see both on the same screen. Verify you’re looking at the same course on both sites and then enter your grades accordingly.


For Sakai:

  1. Login to Sakai
  2. Go to the course
  3. In the course click on Gradebook
  4. Click on Course Grades at the top
  5. You should see the course grades for all your students listed in alphabetical order by last name


  1. Open a new window, or simply click on the link from the Get Help menu in Sakai
  2. Login to
  3. Click on Faculty near the top
  4. Locate the course in the Course List area
  5. Under the Go Directly To column drop-down box, choose Grade Entry
  6. Use the drop down menu to select the appropriate grade for each student (who are listed in alphabetical order by last name
  7. Once done be sure to Save your entries

At this point you’ve recorded the grades and they are available for the Registrar to see. The timeframe for entering or changing official midterm or end-of-term grades is usually no more than 2 weeks prior to the official published date and the Registrar’s Office. If you don’t see any drop-down boxes to select student Grades in for your course it’s likely the Registrar has yet to open up courses for grade entry.  Contact the Registrar for more information about when your course will be opened for grade entry.