Add/Drop is great – but what about Gradebook Entries?

Ok, so the new system that automatically creates all face-to-face courses, assigns instructors and enrolls students is great right?  Right.

Well there’s a bit of an oversight in this process.  With the start of a new term so many students love not only wear flip flops they like to flip from one section and flop into another.  All reasons for doing so aside, what do you do about accumulated gradebook entries?  Don’t they also transfer?

The short answer is “No.”  The new process only synchronizes the information from the Registrar and updates it accordingly in face-to-face Sakai course sites.  Further the information that’s processed deals strictly with enrollment – not grade accumulation.

How then do we reconcile this issue?

What happens if a student has already accumulated a grade and then moves to another section – what happens to their gradebook items?

  1. First step – don’t panic.  Sakai is designed to be non-destructive, or at least that’s the hope.  The student who skipped out on your most excellent section for that other faculty members (or your own other section) still has their gradebook entries – they’re just not accessible because the student has been removed from the course and moved to another section.
  2. If you’re teaching the section the student moved to and need to move that student’s gradebook entries just re-add the student to the original section.  To do so, go to Site Info>Add Participants and add the students official email address to the top box and follow the rest of the onscreen directions. The next time the add/drop process runs, the manually added student will be removed from the course.
  3. Once you’ve added the student, go to the gradebook and make a note (like on paper or something similar) of their respective gradebook entries.
  4. Now go to the section the student moved to (if you’re the one teaching that other section) and add their respective scores into the gradebook.
  5. “What if you’re not ‘teaching the other section’? Well you could simply pass on the information to the other instructor, or retain it in case the other instructor asks to have that information.

Obviously this becomes more tedious further into a term you get and the more students who happen to jump ship – uh I mean walk the plank.  Hope this helps!