Entering Zero’s in the Gradebook

Toward the end of a term or at mid-term you may be calculating student’s course grades – and as much as we like to think otherwise, some of our students (for whatever reason) just haven’t done the work required in the course.  You now have the need to apply your policy of entering 0 (zero) for each item that they’ve not turned.

Depending on which set of tools you use you may have one or several steps to take.

Scenario 1: You only use the Gradebook to create manual gradebook entries. While you may use the Assignments or Tests and Quizzes tools, you have manually created corresponding entries in the Gradebook and associated them (manually linked them) to the items in the Assignments or Tests and Quizzes tools.

  1. Go to the Gradebook.  Verify that you have entered scores for every gradebook item that’s set to include this item in course grade calculations:


  2. Now in Gradebook, select the Course Grades option toward the top. Next scroll down the list of student’s course grades and locate the the “Set ungraded items to zero” button.
  3. Select the “Set ungraded items to zero” button.
  4. Read the WARNING and if you’re certain you want to proceed, click the “Continue” button:
  5. You’ll get a confirmation message in the Course Grades area when the process is complete (more students and more gradebook items, the longer the process takes):

Keep in mind if you’re doing this at mid-term and you have several additional items that have not yet had point valuations entered, (such as a final exam), AND that item is already set to have it’s points “included in course course grade calculations”, it will set all of those yet to be completed items scores to 0 (zero).  if this is an issue, alter the settings for each of those gradebook items to NOT be included in the overall course grade calculations – and they won’t be affected by this process.

Scenario 2: You use the Gradebook in conjunction with the Assignments and/or Tests and Quizzes tool, allowing these tools to create the gradebook entries automatically.

  1. Since some tools (such as Assignments and Tests and Quizzes) have the ability to add scores directly and automatically to the Gradebook, using the “Set Ungraded Items to Zero” only affects items manually added to the gradebook directly (Gradebook>Add Gradebook Items(s)). You’ll need to address adding zeros to the Gradebook by gong to the Assignment or Tests and Quizzes tools instead.
  2. For Assignments – go to the Assignment in question and click the Grade option. Near the top look for the Apply button:

    Simply add the appropriate score (such as 0) and click the Apply button. Any student without a grade will be given that score.

  3. For Tests and Quizzes follow the same process.  In this case, go to Tests and Quizzes and click on the Published Copies tab. Locate and select Grade for the assessment entry you wish to modify. Near the top, locate the Apply This Score button and add an appropriate score.  This score will get entered for all participants with “No Submission”:

If you’re using Gradebook, Assignments and Tests and Quizzes together (relying on Assignments and Tests and Quizzes to add the gradebook entries automatically), then you’ll need to go through Scenarios 1 and 2 respectively. Hope this helps put a corner on all your zero-woes.