How do I find my Courses in Sakai 11?

Inheriting new features in a platform you’re already familiar with can be both frustrating and delightful. ¬†Just think of when the modern automobile tire was upgraded to include air as a way to provide a better cushion and ride for drivers and passengers: tires became more expensive and now had to have air put into them which meant they could also pop, but the trade off was a better ride, better control and an improved overall platform for passengers and drivers.

Using Sites in Sakai 11

To find course sites in Sakai 11 after logging in:

  • Locate the Sites icon in the top right and select it
  • Next use the Sites ‘drawer’ that appears to select a course¬†you want to go to
  • If you can’t find the course, use the Search window to try and locate it

You can use the Sites drawer to mark Favorite course sites – or ones you frequent most often. If you still can’t locate the course, try using Membership instead – which lists all courses – even if they’re not one of your favorites.