Upgrade Planned: May 21, 2019

Faculty and Students be advised Sakai will be upgraded on Tuesday, May 21, 2019.

The upgrade will take place throughout the morning hours from 8am to 2pm but may take longer. This will include updates to Sakai including the following:

  • Responsiveness improvements (User Interface)
  • 24 hour student reminder of assignment due date (Assignments)
  • Simplified Test & Quizzes interface (no more Working vs Published tabs) (Tests & Quizzes)
  • Verify student Gradebook access (Statistics)
  • Time/Date Delivery Exceptions improvements (Tests & Quizzes)
  • Improvements to Site Info tab structure (Site Info)
  • Updated rich text editor (from 4.9 to 4.11)
  • Link Lesson required items to Lesson page checklist (Lessons)
  • New academic and community notifications at login (Notifications)
  • User interface improvements to Meetings (Big Blue Button)
  • Change of VeriCite to SimCheck – (detail here and here and here) for similarity detection (VeriCite)
  • Continued improvements to Warpwire (Warpwire)
  • Improved LTI linking for publisher provided and other external tools and content (LTI 1.3)
  • Comprehensive chat tool rebuild (Chat Room)
  • Native rubrics available for Assignments, Forums and Tests and Quizzes (New Tool)
  • And other updates!

More information and detail will be posted in the coming weeks.