Upgrade Date Announced

DATE CHANGED: Original Date was August 6, 2016 Sakai has been re-scheduled to be upgraded on: December 19, 2016 from 12am to 1pm EST. The upgrade will take several hours. During this time Sakai will be completely inaccessible to faculty and to students. A confirmation email will be sent following the upgrade, letting you know that you … Continue reading Upgrade Date Announced

Upgrade Schedule Rationale

The most important aspect of the upgrade is to make it as smooth as possible and minimize frustration and headache for both faculty and students. Sakai is a world class, open source learning management system providing a platform for tens of thousands of students in various educational settings and used by the likes of Duke, Standford, Oxford and … Continue reading Upgrade Schedule Rationale

How do I select a profile image?

Selecting a profile image in Sakai allows others to see who you are, and even shows up in discussion forums - helping others in the class identify who you are. Selecting and uploading an image is easy and takes just 60 seconds. To choose a profile image: Select Profile on the left (laptop or desktop) … Continue reading How do I select a profile image?