Timezones – They do exist

If you're using Zoom for connecting with your class, bear in mind that the time of a meeting matters. Be sure to ask or check for the time zone for the meeting. If the time zone isn't specified, ask. When using Zoom, you can access and specify your time zone settings by visiting the Zoom … Continue reading Timezones – They do exist

Know your Sakai Login Links

Ever gone to one of those cool water parks that have all the slides, diving boards and lazy river(s)? Neither have I - I should get out more. The point is about point of entry - there's more than one way to get into Sakai. Many use the link at the My.JohnsonU.edu page, but if … Continue reading Know your Sakai Login Links

How dirty is your keyboard?

So hopefully you recently (like as in today) brushed your teeth. When was the last time you cleaned that laptop, slate, surface or other device? Oh sure you shouldn't need to floss between every key, but it could likely do with a decent cleaning - especially given the current public health issues facing the world. … Continue reading How dirty is your keyboard?

Are there Apps for Web Conferencing?

Yes there are! We're so glad you asked. In some cases some of the items below do not have native apps - like Sakai - because it's just made to work with the web and with most mobile devices. The apps below are all free, but will require you to login with your university email … Continue reading Are there Apps for Web Conferencing?

Pooling Resources for Doing Class Online

Faculty and students looking for resources on how to use the following tools can get help and support from the 24x7 HelpDesk, or by checking out the help guides here. These guides give clear, concise directions on how to (login required): add Zoom to a Sakai course site how to login to Sakai using Microsoft … Continue reading Pooling Resources for Doing Class Online

Asynchronous Lectures for Class

Some faculty would love to deliver their lectures asynchronously to students, and with the right setup and a bit of practice, this is doable. Some faculty have even done so with just an iPhone and Warpwire inside their course. The short answer to doing this is that it's possible and there are many ways to … Continue reading Asynchronous Lectures for Class

Organizing Favorites in Sakai

With the recent upgrade to Sakai 12.1, faculty and students are starting to notice some of the nuance and changes from Sakai 11. One of the new features in Sakai is in the Organize Favorites tab under the Sites area.  Here you can now elect to have your newly added sites automatically added as favorites.  … Continue reading Organizing Favorites in Sakai