Zoom not showing up in Sakai? Here’s why:

If your classes are using Zoom as a way to meet synchronously - and it seems like when you click on the Zoom tool in the left-hand side of a course - nothing shows up you're not alone in thinking somethings amiss. Google put into motion some changes to make Google Chrome more secure and … Continue reading Zoom not showing up in Sakai? Here’s why:

Timezones – They do exist

If you're using Zoom for connecting with your class, bear in mind that the time of a meeting matters. Be sure to ask or check for the time zone for the meeting. If the time zone isn't specified, ask. When using Zoom, you can access and specify your time zone settings by visiting the Zoom … Continue reading Timezones – They do exist

Watch out for Zoombombing!

Oddly enough this is not some strange new form of social distancing yoga brought on by the current health care crisis, rather is what can happen if you're not sure of how to control the various channels enabled by using Zoom or any other client that enables video conferencing and share and chat features. In … Continue reading Watch out for Zoombombing!