A course intro. idea

Having students introduce themselves in a course can be a dry, tedious and lackluster task. Students often don't look forward to doing it, and faculty don't always have time to read them. Meme's are just another way to do this.

Using Triggers to Release Content

I'm pretty sure everyone is familiar with Trigger - but the trigger I'm speaking of here is the one you find in the dictionary not on Wikipedia.  A trigger refers to a mechanism or device that allows other actions or processes to begin to take place once the initial mechanism is activated.   A much better … Continue reading Using Triggers to Release Content

I forgot my password!

No worries!  If you've forgotten your password to your JohnsonU.edu email, Sakai, Office365 or the Campus Portal, you can easily reset it at http://www.johnsonu.edu/password.  Resetting your password is dependent upon selecting a security question and password when you initially change your password from what was given to you by the Admissions office. If you've forgotten … Continue reading I forgot my password!

Sakai Tips for Professors

The top ten ways students wish professors used Sakai: 1. Upload the course syllabus using the Syllabus tool Students find it helpful to have access to this important document from any computer. Tips: Posting a detailed syllabus, and keeping it updated, establishes a "learning contract" between the instructor and student. Through hyperlinks to other documents, … Continue reading Sakai Tips for Professors