Faculty Tips

New course or term coming up soon?

Well here’s a new course shell you can begin customizing. If you’re just looking at how to get around in your course – use the image you see to the right.  While not all courses are identical, it should give you a good idea of how to get around.

JUFLWPmenusetupfacultytipsGenerally to the left you should see navigation buttons that correspond to:

  • Faculty Tips (what you’re seeing right now)
  • Home (what students see first in the course)
  • Syllabus (where to put your syllabus)
  • Assignments (for posting, submitting and grading assignments online)
  • Gradebook (where to setup and allow students to see their grades
  • Announcements (communicate with all students in the course)
  • Site Info (Where you go to add/remove students in a course)
  • Example Unit (a sample lesson area that organizes course content)
  • Statistics (where you can identify student site usage/engagement)
  • Resources (where to put course presentations, handouts, etc.)
  • Roster (see a list of your students after added them in Site Info)
  • Help (extensive Sakai Help)