What is the Syllabus Tool?

Summary: The syllabus is the official outline for your course. As an instructor, if you or your department has prepared an online syllabus already, you can direct the Syllabus tool to link to it. Otherwise, you can enter material to post directly to your syllabus. You can make your syllabus visible to the general public … Continue reading What is the Syllabus Tool?

Update Site Preferences for Current Sites

Feeling Cluttered? The My Workspace> Preferences area allows you to manage the number and sequence of tabs that appear at the top of your Sakai login. Use the left and right arrow buttons to change the visibility of your sites. Use the up and down buttons to promote your Active Sites into tabs. To organize … Continue reading Update Site Preferences for Current Sites

I use Forums – Where’s My Picture?

Forums are a great way to track student engagement – and engage with students directly in an open setting.  Having your picture appear next to your forum postings or replies can be helpful in making connections with specific students as they interact in a forum.  Forum participant’s pictures come from the image participants (students, faculty … Continue reading I use Forums – Where’s My Picture?