Your Course Gradescale

If you're like most faculty - you're using some sort of gradescale to calculate the overall course letter grade students earn as a result of accomplishing certain tasks in your course(s). As such, it's important to make sure that the gradescale being used in the course site is the same one  you've published in your … Continue reading Your Course Gradescale

A Quick Overview of an Online Course in Sakai

Getting a handle on what an online course might 'look' like is kinda tough, given that it's not confined by four walls and a class-time twice a week. Figuring out how an online course work can take some guidance and this short video is just the thing to give you what you need to get … Continue reading A Quick Overview of an Online Course in Sakai

How do I publish a course in Sakai?

Publishing a Course:Publishing a course has gotten easier with the new version of Sakai (2.9.1) – a button up near the location that used to simply indicate a course’s publish state has now been replaced with a ‘Publish Now’ button, adding function to form.  To publish a site, simply click on the Publish Now button.  … Continue reading How do I publish a course in Sakai?

Viewing Grades for Faculty and Students

Summary This article explains how students and instructors may view and interpret grades in the Gradebook in Sakai. Students When you enter Gradebook, depending on what information your instructor has made available, you will see one or both of the following: Course Grade: The course grade is a cumulative grade based on items you have … Continue reading Viewing Grades for Faculty and Students

Sharing Grades with Students

Summary The Gradebook allows you to control whether or not students can see individual Gradebook items, as well as cumulative course grades. This article shows you how to make grades available to students. Displaying Individual Gradebook Items to Students Step 1: From the menubar, click Gradebook. Step 2: At the top, click Gradebook Setup. Step … Continue reading Sharing Grades with Students