Organizing Favorites in Sakai

With the recent upgrade to Sakai 12.1, faculty and students are starting to notice some of the nuance and changes from Sakai 11. One of the new features in Sakai is in the Organize Favorites tab under the Sites area.  Here you can now elect to have your newly added sites automatically added as favorites.  … Continue reading Organizing Favorites in Sakai

What is My Workspace Preferences in Sakai?

This short tutorial will show you how to adjust you’re My Workspace Preferences in Sakai.  Preferences allows you to adjust which sites and in what order they display across the banner area of Sakai, including how they show up in the drawer. You can also get to Preferences by clicking on the person avatar just … Continue reading What is My Workspace Preferences in Sakai?

Update Site Preferences for Current Sites

Feeling Cluttered? The My Workspace> Preferences area allows you to manage the number and sequence of tabs that appear at the top of your Sakai login. Use the left and right arrow buttons to change the visibility of your sites. Use the up and down buttons to promote your Active Sites into tabs. To organize … Continue reading Update Site Preferences for Current Sites