Setting dates for an Assessment

Setting dates for what’s due in a course is often a complex process even if you’re not using some sort of digital mechanism to do so – making sure to include your late policy, correct for official out of class dates and long holidays can be a challenge.  It can be done though by thinking about things ahead of time and knowing how to set them in the course.

When using Tests and Quizzes in a course for assessment, setting the dates is pretty simple, esp. if it’s the only thing you’re doing. Creating an assessment is another conversation entirely (because it’s also a complex concept – depending on what you’re trying to do).

If you’ve been given a course to prep, or if you’ve already got your assessments built in Sakai and just need to make them ready for students to take, you can follow the directions for each assessment:

Step 1. In the course, go to Tests and Quizzes

Step 2. Below the Create from Scratch area, on the Working Copies tab (a), select Settings from the Select Action drop down menu (b) for the Quiz you want to adjust or change.


Step 3. On the new page, in the Availability and Submissions section, select the new available, due and late acceptance dates, and other settings as you deem necessary.

Step 4. Select Save Settings and Publish

Step 5. Confirm the setting and choose notification settings.

Step 6. Select the Publish button.


That’s it.  Note, also once an assessment is published, if you need to adjust the date/time again, be sure to do so from the Published Copies tab, instead of the Working Copies tab. As long as you’ve not changed the assessment title, if you’ve inserted it previously into a Lesson, it should be good to go. If it doesn’t seem to work from there, just go to the Lesson, and re-insert the link to the assessment, using the Add Content menu.


How to Add, Edit and Remove Gradebook Entries


This article shows you how to add, edit, or delete a Gradebook item.

To add the gradebook tool to your site follow these directions.
Adding a New Gradebook Item

Step 1: In the menubar, click Gradebook, and then click Add Gradebook Item(s).

Step 2: On the Add Gradebook Item(s) screen, fill in the following information:

  • Title: A title is required for all gradebook items. The title can be up to 255 characters long.
  • Gradebook Item Point Value/Relative Weight: For points gradebooks, enter a total point value for the Gradebook item. This must be greater than zero. Decimal values are permitted to two decimal places. For percentage gradebooks, enter a relative weight for the item. This can be any value. For instance, an item with a relative weight of 2 will count twice as much as an item with a relative weight of 1.
  • Due Date: You can optionally designate a due date for a gradebook item. You can manually enter the due date (e.g., 09/28/12), or click the calendar icon to select a date from a pop-up calendar.
  • Category: If you have created a category, you can optionally assign an item to a category using the drop-down list. For more information, see Using Categories and Weighted Grades in Gradebook.

Step 3: To allow students to view the grade for this item, check Release this item to students. You can change this option later. (If this box is checked when you enter grades, students will see their grades as soon as you click Save Changes.)

  • For this item to be visible to students, Gradebook Setup must also have Display released Gradebook items to students selected. For the course grade to be visible to students, Course Grade Options must also have Display course grade to students now selected. For instructions, see Making Grades Available to Students.
  • To exclude this item from the course grade calculation, uncheck Include this item in course grade calculations. You can change this option later.
  • If an item is excluded from the course grade calculation, the individual grade will appear to students in parentheses. A legend underneath will explain that “Grades in parentheses are not included in the course grade calculation”.

Step 4: To create multiple gradebook items, click Add Another Gradebook Item. You can create several items, and then add them all at once.

Step 5: To create the item(s), click Add Item(s).

Edit an Existing Gradebook Item

Step 1: In the menubar, click Gradebook.

Step 2: In the list of gradebook items, next to the title of the item you want to modify, click Edit.

Step 3: Change the gradebook item’s settings, and then click Save Changes.

Delete a Gradebook Item

Step 1: In the menubar, click Gradebook.

Step 2: In the list of gradebook items, click the title of the item you want to delete.

Step 3: On the Gradebook Item Summary page that opens, under Options, click Remove Gradebook Item from the Gradebook.

Step 4: On the Remove Gradebook Item confirmation page, check Remove this gradebook item and all associated scores from the gradebook.

Step 5: To delete the item from the Gradebook, click Remove.

Things to Consider:

If the Gradebook entry has originated from another tool (such as the Assignments or Tests and Quizzes, you’ll need to adjust it’s inclusion in the Gradebook using the originating tool.  These appear in the Gradebook with a yellow highlighted background, as opposed to the regular white.