Grading Scale Update – Checking the Grading Scale in Sakai

As part of the annual end of the year meetings last year - the university adopted a formalized grading scale.  As stated in the current catalog (page 294) "All Johnson professors use this scale unless the unique demands of their subject matter require a different approach. In such cases, the alternative grade scale appears in … Continue reading Grading Scale Update – Checking the Grading Scale in Sakai


What is Turn It In?

Turn It In is generally understood to be a plagiarism detection service and refers to itself as a way to improve "the student writing cycle by preventing plagiarism and providing rich feedback to students."  Faculty can use the TII service when they use the Assignments tool in Sakai. When faculty elect to use the TII service … Continue reading What is Turn It In?

Sakai Tips for Professors

The top ten ways students wish professors used Sakai: 1. Upload the course syllabus using the Syllabus tool Students find it helpful to have access to this important document from any computer. Tips: Posting a detailed syllabus, and keeping it updated, establishes a "learning contract" between the instructor and student. Through hyperlinks to other documents, … Continue reading Sakai Tips for Professors

How do I publish a course in Sakai?

Publishing a Course:Publishing a course has gotten easier with the new version of Sakai (2.9.1) – a button up near the location that used to simply indicate a course’s publish state has now been replaced with a ‘Publish Now’ button, adding function to form.  To publish a site, simply click on the Publish Now button.  … Continue reading How do I publish a course in Sakai?