Viewing Grades for Faculty and Students

Summary This article explains how students and instructors may view and interpret grades in the Gradebook in Sakai. Students When you enter Gradebook, depending on what information your instructor has made available, you will see one or both of the following: Course Grade: The course grade is a cumulative grade based on items you have … Continue reading Viewing Grades for Faculty and Students

Exporting Student Grades

Summary This article shows you how to export your Sakai Gradebook into an Excel file for offline use. Exporting Student Grades for all Gradebook Items Step 1: Click Gradebook in the tool list. Step 2: Click All Grades. Step 3: You will see a list of students whom you are authorized to grade, their scores … Continue reading Exporting Student Grades

Sharing Grades with Students

Summary The Gradebook allows you to control whether or not students can see individual Gradebook items, as well as cumulative course grades. This article shows you how to make grades available to students. Displaying Individual Gradebook Items to Students Step 1: From the menubar, click Gradebook. Step 2: At the top, click Gradebook Setup. Step … Continue reading Sharing Grades with Students

How to Add, Edit and Remove Gradebook Entries

Summary This article shows you how to add, edit, or delete a Gradebook item. To add the gradebook tool to your site follow these directions. Adding a New Gradebook Item Step 1: In the menubar, click Gradebook, and then click Add Gradebook Item(s). Step 2: On the Add Gradebook Item(s) screen, fill in the following … Continue reading How to Add, Edit and Remove Gradebook Entries

Leverage the Gradebook Tool

Sakai can calculate and store grade information and distribute it to students online using the Gradebook tool. This tool is very flexible and allows instructors to: Autocalculate course grades, with the ability to override any course grade. Create categories to organize items and allow for weighting of grades. Enter, view, edit, and release to students … Continue reading Leverage the Gradebook Tool