Your Course Gradescale

If you’re like most faculty – you’re using some sort of gradescale to calculate the overall course letter grade students earn as a result of accomplishing certain tasks in your course(s).

As such, it’s important to make sure that the gradescale being used in the course site is the same one  you’ve published in your official as the gradescale.  If you’re using a 10 point scale in your syllabus, make sure you check out the My Grades>Settings>Grading Schema, to make sure they’re the same.

If they’re not, adjust the My Grades>Settings>Grading Schema to be the same as what you have published in your syllabus. To do so:

  1. In the course go to My Grades (Gradebook)>Settings>Grading Schema
  2. Alter the Minimum Percentage column entries as needed.
  3. Once done, select Save Changes at the bottom.

Keep in mind that A+ grades cannot be recorded on student transcripts (an A is the highest recorded grade). As such then, you can just use the Remove button to remove that mapping of the gradebook scale, and Save Changes at the bottom of the scale settings page.

It’s critical to make sure what you decide to use or what’s mandated by the school your course falls under is used in the course site calculation gradebook. As each school and/or course may use a slightly different scale, faculty have access to modify the scale as needed based on how the course is designed.


What is Campus Connect?

You can access an unofficial copy of your transcript, register for classes and see financial aid information (if applicable) by using CampusConnect.  You can login to CampusConnect with your student ID (6 digits) and PIN (4 digit) at  Once logged in follow the onscreen menus to find the information you’re looking for.

Campus Connect Login
Campus Connect Login

How do I communicate mid-term and final grades to the Registrar?


This article includes instructions on how to communicate mid-term and final grades to the Registrar.

Official grades are recorded and reported through the FacultyAccess system.  No connection between Sakai and FacultyAccess exists at this time, so faculty must finalize their grades in Sakai and then record those grades in FacultyAccess.

  1. In Sakai, go to the Gradebook for the course in question.
  2. Click Course Grades
  3. Sort the Student Name field (by clicking on the field heading) by last name to match the listing for the course in FacultyAccess
  4. Open a separate tab or browser window and login to FacultyAccess at

    Faculty Access
    Faculty Access Login Screen
  5. Using the menu options at the top, navigate to the term and course in question. Hover over Available Options and choose Faculty Menu.
  6. Next hover over the new Administrative menu option and select Grade Entry.
  7. Choose from the list of termcodes and click Go!
  8. Choose from the list of available courses and click Go!
  9. Finally, enter the appropriate grades and click Submit.

If you are unable to login to FacultyAccess, grades can be communicated by contacting the Registrar directly.

Leverage the Gradebook Tool

Sakai can calculate and store grade information and distribute it to students online using the Gradebook tool. This tool is very flexible and allows instructors to:

  • Autocalculate course grades, with the ability to override any course grade.
  • Create categories to organize items and allow for weighting of grades.
  • Enter, view, edit, and release to students scores, grades, and comments.
  • Transmit scores to the Gradebook from other tools, such as Quiz & Survey, Assignments, or Forums, thereby creating a corresponding item in the Gradebook and recording student scores.
  • Export scores and grades to Excel (.csv) and use this file to import grades to E-Grades.
  • Import item scores from spreadsheet (.csv) files.

Post your official grades to FacultyAccess

  1. Once you’ve got your final course letter grades, click on over to Faculty Access (also available from off-campus) and login with your credentials.
  2. Under the “Available Options” tab> click Faculty Menu
  3. Next, under “Administrative” tab> click Grade entry
  4. Next select the term code and specific course.
  5. Click Go.
  6. Enter the Course Grades (letter)

At the bottom of the page, choose YES if you’re completely done entering grades for that course. Choose NO if you still need to come back to the course to add additional grades or adjust a student’s final letter grade before the grade submission deadline.