What do I do now?

I just got word that I need to move my course online in short order due to national and global public health issues. What do I do now? I need to put my content online. How do I do that in Sakai? Use Resources and Lessons: There's all manner of content that can be placed … Continue reading What do I do now?

Setting dates for an Assessment

Setting dates for what's due in a course is often a complex process even if you're not using some sort of digital mechanism to do so - making sure to include your late policy, correct for official out of class dates and long holidays can be a challenge.  It can be done though by thinking … Continue reading Setting dates for an Assessment

Using External Content in Sakai

One of the great things about the Lessons tool in Sakai is the ability to bring applicable content together from lots of different sources. This isn’t so much a function of Sakai as it is a function of standard HTML, most of the code that structures the majority of web pages on the Internet today. … Continue reading Using External Content in Sakai