How to do Closed Captions Inexpensively

Creating closed captions isn't easy, and while there's no overnight solution, it can be done economically with a few easy to access tools.

New Video Tools for Course Content Development

Need help making captions for video content you author? These two tools can help with that.

How do I get my email on my mobile?

Getting your email on your personal smart device, mobile, phone or slate is pretty simple. While the directions may be a bit different for your device the settings remain generally the same: Add an account that is of type Microsoft Exchange or Corporate type.  Your device must use Microsoft ActiveSync. POP and IMAP are … Continue reading How do I get my email on my mobile?

What browser/plugins should I use/are needed?

Summary This article includes information on what browsers and/or plugins are recommended for using Sakai, CampusConnect, FacultyAccess, Office365 and other related services. Supported/Recommended browsers include: Firefox 21+ (download) Chrome 25+ (download) Internet Explorer 8+ (download) Safari 6+ (download) Required plugins include: Java 7 update 25 (minimum) (download) Flash 11 (minimum) (download) Silverlight 5 (minimum) (download) … Continue reading What browser/plugins should I use/are needed?