What do I do now?

I just got word that I need to move my course online in short order due to national and global public health issues. What do I do now? I need to put my content online. How do I do that in Sakai? Use Resources and Lessons: There's all manner of content that can be placed … Continue reading What do I do now?

Asynchronous Lectures for Class

Some faculty would love to deliver their lectures asynchronously to students, and with the right setup and a bit of practice, this is doable. Some faculty have even done so with just an iPhone and Warpwire inside their course. The short answer to doing this is that it's possible and there are many ways to … Continue reading Asynchronous Lectures for Class

How do I post official midterm or end-of-term grades?

To post midterm or end-of-term grades you'll need to have access to both Sakai and My.JohnsonU.edu.  Both sites use the same set of credentials to login. The easiest way is to pull up your course in Sakai, and then open up a corresponding window for your course in My.JohnsonU.edu in a separate window or tab … Continue reading How do I post official midterm or end-of-term grades?