Zoom not showing up in Sakai? Here’s why:

If your classes are using Zoom as a way to meet synchronously - and it seems like when you click on the Zoom tool in the left-hand side of a course - nothing shows up you're not alone in thinking somethings amiss. Google put into motion some changes to make Google Chrome more secure and … Continue reading Zoom not showing up in Sakai? Here’s why:

Quick Zoom+Sakai+Warpwire Workflow

If you're looking for how to record your synchronous sessions here's a very quick (12 minute) run-thru of how to do so using Zoom, Sakai and Warpwire to do so. This video will demonstrate how to: Use Zoom to create a session recording to share with students asynchronously Use Zoom to record a synchronous group … Continue reading Quick Zoom+Sakai+Warpwire Workflow

Are there Apps for Web Conferencing?

Yes there are! We're so glad you asked. In some cases some of the items below do not have native apps - like Sakai - because it's just made to work with the web and with most mobile devices. The apps below are all free, but will require you to login with your university email … Continue reading Are there Apps for Web Conferencing?

F2F Course Site Content Import

If you're tasked with teaching an upcoming course that you've taught in the past with the University - there's no need to rebuild everything from scratch - unless you want to. Faculty teaching face to face (F2F) courses can benefit from the course content import process in Site Info. This process allows you to pull … Continue reading F2F Course Site Content Import