What does Amazon have to do with Sakai?

amazonA lot of people seem to be asking this question.  Most students (and faculty) tend to think of Amazon as the online equivalent of Walmart (though Walmart has it’s own online presence) – as just a seller of retail items.  Amazon however is far more.

sticker375x360Amazon not only sells retail items (and space) it also provides internet services or hosting for thousands of companies, institutions and other entities.  This hosting essentially allows and provides easy, fast and often redundant access to content on a global scale through something called a content delivery network.  Essentially through an extreme set of complex algorithms, security and other layers the paper just submitted in your course ‘lives’ on an Amazon web server through their S3 platform (Simple Storage Service). It was most evident to me in my role with the university when I noticed images in courses ‘disappearing’.

Think of it this way. Lets say you’re going to a friends house for dinner – they’re hosting you. They ask you to come over to see them. They even tell you that their niece, Nozama is going to be bringing desert in the form of those great scout cookies you enjoy so much. You arrive on time to the dinner and everything seems to be going just fine until it’s time for desert. Sadly, your friend tells you, Nozama couldn’t bring the cookies just yet, because her parents car had trouble on the way over. Sadly (presently) the cookies you love so much are missing in action.

In some ways you could look at this as the host’s problem is that the host of the cookies is having a problem.  For more on understanding the nuts and bolts of hosts, check out this explainer from CommonCraft.


How do I get my JohnsonU.edu email on my mobile?

Getting your JohnsonU.edu email on your personal smart device, mobile, phone or slate is pretty simple. While the directions may be a bit different for your device the settings remain generally the same:

  1. Add an account that is of type Microsoft Exchange or Corporate type.  Your device must use Microsoft ActiveSync. POP and IMAP are not supported
  2. Use your entire JohnsonU.edu email address for the email address field
  3. Enter the corresponding password
  4. If asked for a DOMAIN – leave it blank.
  5. When asked for a SERVER, enter: m.outlook.com
  6. SSL should be ON or active
  7. S/MIME should be OFF or inactive
  8. Tap “DONE” to verify the settings.

If the settings don’t verify (don’t work), insure you’ve entered your username and password correctly.  You can do so by logging in directly to the email service using a web browser.

These settings should also allow you to view your JohnsonU.edu contacts and calendars as well.

Office365 Mail Settings
Office365 Mail Settings

Most newer devices including Android, iOS (Apple) and Blackberry can receive email to the device. Standard messaging/data rates apply and are the responsibility of the device owner, not the University.