Timezones – They do exist

If you're using Zoom for connecting with your class, bear in mind that the time of a meeting matters. Be sure to ask or check for the time zone for the meeting. If the time zone isn't specified, ask. When using Zoom, you can access and specify your time zone settings by visiting the Zoom … Continue reading Timezones – They do exist

Your Course Gradescale

If you're like most faculty - you're using some sort of gradescale to calculate the overall course letter grade students earn as a result of accomplishing certain tasks in your course(s). As such, it's important to make sure that the gradescale being used in the course site is the same one  you've published in your … Continue reading Your Course Gradescale

Setting dates for an Assessment

Setting dates for what's due in a course is often a complex process even if you're not using some sort of digital mechanism to do so - making sure to include your late policy, correct for official out of class dates and long holidays can be a challenge.  It can be done though by thinking … Continue reading Setting dates for an Assessment

Grading Scale Update – Checking the Grading Scale in Sakai

As part of the annual end of the year meetings last year - the university adopted a formalized grading scale.  As stated in the current catalog (page 294) "All Johnson professors use this scale unless the unique demands of their subject matter require a different approach. In such cases, the alternative grade scale appears in … Continue reading Grading Scale Update – Checking the Grading Scale in Sakai

How do I get my JohnsonU.edu email on my mobile?

Getting your JohnsonU.edu email on your personal smart device, mobile, phone or slate is pretty simple. While the directions may be a bit different for your device the settings remain generally the same: Add an account that is of type Microsoft Exchange or Corporate type.  Your device must use Microsoft ActiveSync. POP and IMAP are … Continue reading How do I get my JohnsonU.edu email on my mobile?